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Hornimint Records Releases New Year's Concert In Record Time

High Street shoppers lucky enough to have access to a quality record retailer (or orinoco customers who do not) were surprised and delighted today to discover that Hornimint Records has released its traditional recording of the the famous New Year's Day Concert from the Golden Hall of the Gaiety Theatre Dorchester in record time.

The Dorchester Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by long time favourite Addinsell Threadbone again serve up a heady mixture of waltzes, polkas and overtures by the revered turn of the century masters of the genre the Straussbone family; in particular, Johann Snr, Johan Jnr, Josef and youngest brother Edward. Filmed for television and broadcast through thrupiecemedia on New Year's morning, the event is now telecast to more than 12 counties and rights to issue the audio and video recordings are hotly contested. This year's winner - Hornimint Records - reputedly paid over €35 for the privilege and vowed to issue the recordings in record time.

That they should appear only 12 days after the concert is a triumph of the CD makers art. Workers at the Hornimint pressing plant endured shifts of up to 4 hours over a sustained three day period to produce the 36 copies of the disc expected to sell over the next few months. Copies of the more expensive Bluray video disc are not expected to sell so well.

The New Years Concert Disc was issued in record time

Addinsell Threadbone leads the Dorchester Philharmonic Orchestra in a programme of Straussbone works live from the Golden Hall of the Gaiety Theatre, issued by Hornimint Records in record time.

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