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Threadbone Corporation Receives Royal Award

It was announced today that The Threadbone Corporation has received The Queen's Award for Enterprise for a record seventh time. The multi-media conglomerate - part of the Thrupiece Organisation / Hornimint empire - is headed by CEO and CFO Mrs Amanda Threadbone. Speaking from her Great Heaving Headquarters, the much lauded entrepreneur and social magnate declared herself "overwhelmed" to have been recognised yet again by Her Majesty. "Whilst this is clearly an award to the whole corporation and the nameless and faceless many who labour within it, I am certain that it is also a very personal award intended for me", she told her weekly Press Conference. "The Corporation bears my name for a reason", she continued, "and that reason is that it is my vision and hard-work which keeps it where it is". Asked if she thought anyone else might be regarded as having deserved the award alongside her, Mrs Threadbone paused for a moment before replying. "No not really", she said, "just me".

Commemorative decanter issued by The Threadbone Corporation in a limited edition to celebrate the recent award.

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