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Planning Permission for New Concert Hall Granted

Today Great Heaving District Council gave the go-ahead to ambitious plans to build a state of the art Concert Hall and Hotel complex on the Thrupiece Organisation/Threadbone Corporation/AJTCorps campus at Great Heaving.

Held up for more than a year by local protest groups who argue the site is already overdeveloped, today's developments should see contractors begin work on the Thrupiece Philharmonic Hall in "a matter of weeks".

Speaking for Great Heaving District Council, Councillor and Chair of the Planning Committee Cllr Dominic Threadbone said that the Committee had been unanimous in rejecting the opposition's case and confirmed that no grounds for appeal could be pursued. "This is clearly a great plan which will give the whole region a state of the art venue and at the same time honour the name of a great man who just happens to be my great uncle", Cllr Threadbone said. "For too long the Thrupiece Philharmonic - one of the crown jewels of our region - has had to play in unsatisfactory conditions. At last they have a venue worthy of their inconsiderable talents", he continued.

The Hall is expected to be completed in 2019 and will be, according to leading architects Sven and Bengt Threadbone, "well over schedule and well over budget".

Further details of the project can be found by clicking on the image below.

Artists impression of the Thrupiece Philharmonic Hall - a new home for the Thrupiece Philharmonic Orchestra

Artists Impression of The Thrupiece Philharmonic Hall, new home to The Thrupiece Philharmonic Orchestra.

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