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Threadbone Corporation Brings Out Big Guns as Mrs Whisky-McNightly Steps Forward

Mrs Edna Whisky-McNightly - cousin and childhood companion of the late Professor Brian Thrupiece - broke several years of near silence yesterday amidst the controversy now widely dubbed Barrington-Courtgate: the suggestion by Danish scientist Lars Resorte and his team that the late Professor might not have been sole author and architect of the eponymous Thrupiece Table of Culinary Bio-ethical ambiguity.

News of the discovery of hitherto undisclosed marginalia in the manuscript for Professor Thrupiece's Elementary Glossary of Culinary Bio-ethical Terms has led the Danish scientists to state unequivocally that the tables were in fact the work of long-term colleague Ms Audrey Badminton Court (80). "The Professor's claims to be sole author of the Tables are categorically wrong, he didn't do it. Ms Badminton-Court did", Professor Resorte was widely misquoted as saying by "irresponsible" cub reporters Diane Groundless, Manni Pulate and Dave Nosource from the Chalbury Weekly Inquirer.

Not content with legal action alone, The Thrupiece Organisation sent out it heavy guns yesterday in the form of Mrs Whisky McNightly who probably knew the late Professor Thrupiece as well as anyone. "I probably knew Professor Thrupiece as well as anyone", she told a packed press conference at The Threadbone Corporation's Great Heaving Headquarters. "In fact better than most which is to say hardly at all. But of one thing I am sure, the Tables were without question his work: he discussed it with me over a dust-fritter in 1962. The idea - like the fritter - was embryonic and almost entirely without substance, but all the germs were there as we later discovered." Asked if there was any proof to corroborate her assertions, Mrs Whisky-McNightly snapped, "Indeed there is young man, my bowels haven't been right ever since as anyone who has ever been close to me will attest". Happily Mrs Whisky-McNightly declined to elaborate and was not pressed further on the matter. The court case continues ...

The World's Press gather at The Threadbone Corporation's Headquarters

Interest in Mrs Whisy-McNightly's statement was intense as the world's press gathered at The Threadbone Corporation's Headquarters yesterday

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