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Further Treasure Emerges From Tincleton Exhibition

Described by Threadbone Corporation CEO Mrs Amanda J Threadbone as "the gift that keeps on giving" further delightful treasures from the Thrupiece Collection have been revealed today as the Professor Thrupiece the Modernist Exhibition prepares to open.

One particularly striking exhibit is an advertisement which first appeared in Modern American Housewife Magazine in the early 1960s as the then Thrupiece Company sought to expand sales of its patent Thrupiece Diet into the American market. IT shows a delighted housewife who has fallen under the spell of a Thrupiece Roto-matic fluff processing machine.

"Cracking the States was a difficult but vital strand of the Company's early expansion", Mrs Threadbone explained and Professor Thrupiece "employed the very best Madison Avenue Advertising Agents to ensure a rapid breakthrough. It certainly worked. By 1965 the Company had sold more than 15 units only 8 of which were returned".

Even the most dedicated practitioner of the now universally acclaimed thrupiecediet™ will be astonished to learn that, in the very early days, the diet was available as a home-processed product. "Of course it was a relatively straightforward matter in those dim and distant days", Mrs Threadbone added. "There was no flavouring and relatively little texturing". "However", she continued, "modern tastes are so much more sophisticated and there is so much more science in the product now. To achieve consistency and meet modern health and safety standards, clean-air and sterile industrial processing is a must".

"I mean who would eat reconstituted fluff prepared any other way?" she added unnecessarily.

One of the Treasure Unearthed in the Professor Thrupiece The Modernist Exhibition

One of the treasures unearthed in the Professor Thrupiece The Modernist Exhibition - an early 1960s advertisement for The Thrupiece Roto-matic which appeared in Modern American Housewife Magazine

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