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Thrupiece Organisation Re-enters F1 Fray

The Thrupiece Organisation has re-entered the world of Formula One after a three decades absence.

Announcing a new sponsorship deal for the 2017-18 season with the World Constructor's Championship Winning Mercedes-Benz Formula One Team, Thrupiece Organisation motor racing consultant Burley Chassis stressed that excellence in engineering was the common denominator making the partnership "a natural synergy between two great teams".

Various divisions of the Thrupiece Organisation have been associated with the sport in the past - from the 1971 AJT Corps BRM to the highly successful Hornimint/RSCBE/Crown Magna McLaren Honda team of the late 1970s. However, the Corporation's commitment to more stringent Culinary Bio-ethics led it to turn its back on a sport seen by many as the epitome of "gas-guzzling" carbon fuel irresponsibility.

Formula One's commitment to a cleaner sport as well as its use of the latest hybrid technology has, however, once again aligned the interests of the Thrupiece Organisation with motorsport. Outgoing F1 mogul Ernie Ecclescake revealed that negotiations with Thrupiece CEO Mrs Amanda J Threadbone had been ongoing for some time, but had recently come to fruition thanks to a fortuitous meeting "whilst filling her up at a Threadbone Extra Petrol Station". The 2017-18 Mercedes cars will carry Threadbone Leisure and Dorset Casino identifiers as well as that of the The Thrupiece Organisation itself.

In addition to sponsoring the Mercedes team, the Thrupiece Organisation will also support the German motor manufacturing giant's young driver initiative, meeting the expenses of protege Sterling Westlake, son of the Threadbone Press's best selling novelist Rowena Westlake. Racing consultant Ms Chassis noted " it's a natural synergy between two great names"

Then and Now: The Thrupiece Organisation has a chequered history of Formula One sponsorship but is now back to winning ways.

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