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Celebrated War-time Artists Magenta Palet Honoured by Special Edition

The DHRA in association with The Threadbone Press, Ladybone Jigsaws and the orinoco company is at last paying proper homage to forgotten wartime artist Magenta Palet (1902-1976). Dorset-born Ms Palet who was active as a painter for more than 50 years came to prominence during the war when as a journeyman painter for the Great Western Railway she found herself the only woman amongst a group of male artists almost all of whom found themselves on active service as conscientious stationed in The Three Bells public house in Stoborough Green.

Famed for her wry humour as well has her acute powers of observation, Ms Palet often captured the quirkier side of life on the home front. Biographer and DHRA committee member Delia Trunch describes Ms Palet as "a forgotten genius" justifying this high praise by noting "She was a genius and she's forgotten - what further qualification does a girl need?".

Determined to raise public awareness of Ms Palet and her work, a special edition print of her most famous work: "Dorchester Station in War and Peace" has been commissioned by the DHRA and made available to members via the Association's digivault. Members of the public wishing to obtain the print should go the orinoco company portal where a limited number of framed and unframed prints are available at a premium. Those with nimble fingers and few if any small children will be pleased to know that the print is also available as a jigsaw either to buy fro the Ladybone Jigsaw online facility or as a "complete online" project using the Threadbone Press's latest technology. Answering criticisms with regard to the "digitally excluded" Mrs Amanda J Threadbone CEO of the Threadbone Press of which Ladybone Jigsaws is a subsidiary said: "Those in secure facilities or simply too old to have a computer should find a sympathetic relative willing to help them. In any case they should "get a grip" and stop wasting council tax payers valuable resources". "Ms Palet didn't win a war just to keep the sick and infirm in comfort", she added.

The work of Dorset-born wartime artist Ms magenta Palet is honoured by a special edition of her most iconic work

The work of Dorset-born wartime artist Ms Magenta Palet is honoured by a special edition of her most iconic work Dorchester Station in War and Peace

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