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World's Largest Pancake Marks Great Heaving Anniversary

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of "breaking the sod" on what is now the giant thrupiece organisation / AJTCorps / Threadbone Corporation / RSCBE / DHRA / Hornimint / Thrupiece Arts Complex at Great Heaving, CEO and Executive President (Combined Corporate Operations) Mrs Amanda J Threadbone, today fronted a ceremony unveiling what is believed to be the world's largest pancake.

Prepared and cooked to "the highest culinary bio-ethical standards" by renowned Dorset chef Legionella Dawson, the record-breaking giant was unveiled - appropriately - in the Professor Thrupiece Memorial Arena, the scene of many previous thrupiece organisation sponsored triumphs.

Made from over 300 tons of flour, 300,000 eggs, 200 gallons of milk and an undisclosed "binding agent" (thought to be a constituent element of the world famous thrupiecediet™) the pancake took 50 hours to assemble and 18 hours to cook. Two cranes, three bulldozers and 15 heavy trucks were summoned into action, whilst mixing was possible only thanks to the help of an Chinook helicopter from nearby RAF Child Okeford specially inverted for the purpose.

Project co-ordinator Sgt Major Wilf Batter-Boyes (Royal Dorset Engineers) said: "as logistics go, this one was logistically crazy which is to say, in logistical terms, logistically very difficult and, in a logistical sense, logistically challenging. Success depended largely on logistics which is, logistically-speaking, always a logistical nightmare especially when logistics are involved". Sgt Major Batter has a degree in Logistics from Bere Regis Technical Institute and is a Senior Lecturer in Logistics at the Royal Dorset Engineers Logistics Division's Durweston Logistical Logistics Laboratory.

Quipping that "she couldn't manage to eat it all herself since she had been very satisfactorily stuffed after lunch", Mrs Threadbone invited the assembled company to "tuck in", adding privately that "if I had a mouthful of that I'd be corked until next Tuesday". Thrupiecediet™ Laboratory experts later confirmed that 300,000 eggs could be considered "a tad binding". Told that today was Shrove Tuesday, a spokesperson for Mrs Threadbone said: "Really, well there's a coincidence. Perhaps that explains it."

The giant pancake is available to view until Tuesday when its remains will be distributed by the Cripplestyle Division of the Spanish Boy Scout Mission (Enrique Group) to the poor of Iwerne Minster.

Shrove Tuesday at Great Heaving: The World Record breaking pancake is assembled before its public unveiling i the Professor Thrupiece Memorial Arena

Shrove Tuesday at Great Heaving: The World Record breaking pancake is assembled before its public unveiling in the Professor Thrupiece Memorial Arena

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