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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ziggy Osmington fans suffering withdrawal symptoms after the legendary star's surprise appearance at the Dorset Corporate Business Awards and still waiting breathlessly for the publication of his biography next month can console themselves with his latest release "Men's Men" on which the evergreen "Cliff Richard" of the pop world "struts his stuff" [Owermoigne Gramophone Society Newsletter] along with his old backing combo The Boners.

The extended single features two tracks - the eponymous Men's Men and She's Notso Notso Notso - the latter thought to be a reference to Ms Celia Notso-Pointy with whom Ziggy enjoyed a fleeting on-off (but largely off) relationship in the 1960s. In her own soon-to-be-published autobiography Ms Notso-Pointy hints that it may have been her encounter with Ziggy and his "doubtful habits" which "threw [her] finally into the arms of Audrey Badminton-Court whose companion she has remained until this day".

Asked if the new extended single representes a return to form for the ageing rock-legend, pop historian and popular counter-culture guru Vivienne Shitt-Taste was clear. "No, not really. It's the just same old crap rehashed", she said. "Frankly Ziggy ran out of ideas in about 1962 shortly after the legendary East Hampshire Tour. Six days on the road with the band basically did his head in and he's hardly penned a decent note since, not that he was much cop before. Still he looks good for a man in his nineties." Told that Ziggy was in fact in his late 70s, Ms Shite-Taste asked for her remark to be withdrawn. "Well basically there's no excuse then is there. I mean really!."

The single is on sale from all good record stores (if you can still find one) and is available as a digital download from the orinoco online digital portal. It is also streamed - live. "Which is more than can be said for Ziggy", his agent added.

The new single from rock legend Ziggy Osmington. A new direction or "the same old crap". Opinion is, as always with Ziggy, deeply divided.

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