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Unscheduled U-Turn Embarrasses DHRA Senior Treasurer

Dorset Historical Romance Association Senior Treasurer Bill Cash-Cowe was today accused of performing a "screeching, shuddering, tyre-squealing, airbag-launching U-turn" only a week after announcing at the Association's AGM that annual subscriptions would rise this year by 1.234563212% above inflation. Speaking from the Association's Main Reading Room in its Great Heaving Headquarters, Mr Cash-Cowe denied a humiliating climb-down and instead emphasised that he had decided not to go ahead with the proposed increase after strong representation by several senior committee members. "It is in everyone's interest - and especially mine - if this all goes away quietly", he added.

Chair and President for LIFE, Mrs Amanda J Threadbone, backed Mr Cash-Cowe's rethink adding that she had "every confidence in him" and expected his enforced resignation to be "several weeks away".

Mr Cash-Cowe had come under increasing public criticism once it was revealed that his jaw-dropping increase was "within neither the letter nor the spirit of his election manifesto". Speaking to the press on behalf of the DHRA's Financial Scrutiny Committee, Janet Street-Wise said "In his craven bid for a position on the Committee he [Bill] foolishly ruled out any increase in subscriptions, VAT or membership numbers, which won him many votes, few friends and little room for manoeuvre ... he is now paying a heavy price." Asked if the vote of confidence from Mrs Threadbone guaranteed his survival, Ms Street-Wise would not be drawn adding only "What do you think?"

Mr Cash-Cowe was elected Senior treasure following the resignation of Lady Georgina Smallbore in the wake of the hugely divisive Drexit referendum result. Lady Smallbore had campaigned for Dorset to remain within the West Country Association of Historical Romance Associations but the vote had gone against her. Was this payback then for Mr Cash-Cowe's support for the separatist cause? "Time will tell", a spokesperson for Mrs Threadbone said, adding only that things were "not looking great" and that Mr Cash-Cowe would be "well advised to find somewhere else to park his motorbike and sidecar".

As we go to press, we understand that Mr Cash-Cowe has resigned.

Mr Cash-Cowe pictured with his "Diary Secretary" Ms Ayeonthe Maine-Chance with whom he shares an interest

Happier times: Mr Cash-Cowe pictured with his "Diary Secretary" Ms Ayeonthe Maine-Chance with whom he shares "an interest".

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