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Threadbone Primavera Festival Gears Up

The Threadbone Primavera Festival - the annual Springtime Dorset-wide cultural wake-up call - is almost upon us and organisers have announced further details of the 14 day "cornucopia of culture". Hot on the heels of the exciting announcement that the star attraction and gala-opening event will be the first Dorset production of "A Devonian in Dorset" at the Pier End Theatre Lyme Regis, comes news of diverse events coving the worlds of art, music, theatre and dance (the Annual Threadbone Cinema Festival is scheduled for the summer). Organisers confirmed that once again their will be a Beer Tent at a location "to be decided".

Exhibitions include works by ex Spanish boy scout Enrique (pieces from his Pink period) (Threadbone Hall) and a retrospective of the paintings of Frank Henry McNightly (1889-1974) renowned Dorset railway artists (sponsored by the DHRA) at the Sutton Poyntz Gallery. Literary highlights include readings by Celia Notso-Pointy and Brenda Oats and a rumoured, but yet to be confirmed, poetry and music recital hosted by none other than Mrs Amanda J Threadbone herself who it is believed will be writing new poems especially for the event.

Music headliners include the Nettlecome Singers (a capella Balearic folksongs), the Motcombe Symphony Orchestra (under popular conductor Ivor Baton) and - catering to different tastes - Ziggy and the Boners (Litton Cheney Arena) on the first leg of their South West Dorset Tour. Dance enthusiasts will be thrilled by the return for the 10th year running of the ever popular King-Slocombe-Hardy-Brastead Dance School Ballet Troupe (Marnhull WI) for whom a new work has been commissioned by West Country based international choreographer Aaron B Jinxfocker.

All in all then, there is much to look forward to. .. and as the local saying goes: if the Festival's here, can Spring be far behind?

The Threadbone Primavera Festival opens on 4 April with a gala performance of "A Devonian in Dorset"

The Threadbone Primavera Festival opens on 4 April with a gala performance of "A Devonian in Dorset" and continues with a cornucopia of culture.

A preview of the Festival's main attraction "A Devonian in Dorset" can be viewed below

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