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Excitement Mounts As Film Noir Thriller Is Set To Premiere at Threadbone Film Festival

Threadbone Film Festival organisers have today announced that the 2017 festival will open with the world premiere of Diedre Eastman-Kodakawzcki's brilliant new thriller starring Jason Stourpaine. The film - based on a best-selling hemi-demi-semi-autobiographical novel by Shelley-Lulette-Sizemore - has already scooped prizes at the Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals (Best Picture) as well as individual awards for Best Director, Best Male Actor, Production Design and Editing at the Toronto, Cannes, Venice and Edinburgh Film Festivals respectively. And all this before the book on which it is based has actually hit the stores. "Which came first?" avid cinema aficionados are asking, to which tight-lipped executives at thrupiecefilm will answer only - "one or the other; clearly not both you imbeciles" ("Imbeciles" is French for "foolish ones", The Threadbone Corporation's multilingual spokesperson Dick Shenery later explained.)

Due for release in cinemas in the late Spring, the film's appearance at the Threadbone Film Festival is seen by industry insiders as something of a coup. Made by aardvaark films and smoking title under the general production umbrella of thrupiecefilm, Diedre Eastman-Kodakawzcki's hard-hitting masterpiece pays hommage to the Dorset nouveau film noir genre established in the 1970s by, amongst others, cinema pioneer Jean-Luc Picard-Reynard, but adds "a sovereign extra dimension of palpably inter-textual authenticity achieved through a luminescent sense of correlative narrative ambiguity", film historian Barry Notvery-Normal explained. "But that is merely to state the obvious", he added. Asked if this made for a watchable and engaging film Barry looked thoughtful before adding "I am sorry I don't understand your question. Are you reaching toward teleological insubstantiability?"

Film fans in general and Jason Stourpaine fans in particular can judge for themselves come the spring.

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