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Threadbucks Celebrates 100th Coffee Shop

The quality High Street Coffee Chain Threadbucks today celebrated the opening of its 100th outlet. Bringing the best in the coffee makers art to Bradford Peverell has been a priority for some time, said Threadbuck's Head of Expansion and Acquisition, Barista Robusta: "it's been a niche we've been itching to penetrate for a while", she said, "a gaping hole just waiting to be plugged".

Founded in 2014 by Threadbone Corporation CEO and CIO Mrs Amanda J Threadbone, the company opened its first outlet in Lyme Regis. As Mrs Threadbone explained at the time: "We are reacting to a demonstrable need: there is a terrible shortage of coffee shops on the High Street and people just don't know where they can get a cup of coffee. In this respect, coffee outlets are like women's fashion shops: as rare as hen's teeth". Asked if she meant she was also thinking of moving into women's fashions, Mrs Threadbone - who is no slouch herself in the style department - smiled coyly. "I'll think about that", was all she was prepared to say.

Residents of and visitors to Bradford Peverell have reacted positively to today's development, though local cafe owner Nettie Teasmaid (The Olde Curiosity Teashoppe) fears that the presence of the aggressively expansionist chain may harm sales. "I do a cooked breakfast what the tourists like", she said, "and it do help to have pots of tea and a nice tablecloth and all and I don't think them there Thread-thingies does anything quite like it. So I am hopin' that that's like my trump card - though you can't say trump these days can you, well not without gettin' a lot of abuse".

Meanwhile Ms Robusta predicted a bright future for the new venture which had sold more that 8 coffees within the first three hours of opening. "Oh and a luxury Bakewell Slice" she added, "it all mounts up". To celebrate the opening, the first customer through the door each day this week will receive a free Chai Latte and a copy of the Bradford Peverell Weekly Chronicle complements of the management. A crestfallen Mrs Teasmade conceded: "I can't compete with that."

VISIT The Threadbucks site HERE

The 100th Threadbucks Coffee Outlet opened today in Bradford Peverell.

The 100th Threadbucks Coffee Outlet opened today in Bradford Peverell. It is not featured in either of the photographs above.

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