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Fries Up as Potato Shortage Hits Gourmet Burger Chain

The price of thick-cut chips and French Fries skyrocketed today at Threadboys the Dorset-based real burger chain - amidst a rumoured shortage of potatoes from the chain's exclusive supplier Threadbone Farms Inc.

Recently hit by an outbreak of IBR (Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis) in a bio-security lapse compared by the Dorset Branch of the NFU as "Chaldon Herring's own Chernobyl", the Factory Farm Giant has been playing down talk of a supply crisis. Threadbone Laboratories scientists had declared that the risk of IBR spreading to the farms staple Maris Piper and King Edward varieties was "small but just about measurable" whilst Dorset Potato Marketing Board Chief, Chip Desiree said she doubted the disease would "lead to serious shortages even if it spread locally".

However, reports from several branches of the Gourmet Burger chain suggest that the average price of a thick cut chip has risen by over 4000% and that of French Fries by nearly 200%. [The disparity is explained by the complete absence of potatoes in a French Fry.]

Threadbone Farms Inc remained eerily silent on the subject today and all inquiries were diverted to CEO Mrs Amanda J Threadbone who is currently "away from her desk on urgent hairdressing business". Gates at the farm were firmly closed and the 20 acre factory was silent.

The Threadbone Farms website appeared to be doing business as usual. Here

Threadbone Farms Inc: rumours that all is not well persist.

Threadbone Farms Inc: rumours that all is not well persist.

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