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Winds of Change at the Threadbone Corporation?

Hot on the heels of news of significant governance changes at the DHRA come reports - via internet cyber hackers Bonileaks - that all may not be well at the Threadbone Corporation. The multinational conglomerate, run since the mid 2000s by President, Executive Chair, CEO and CIO Mrs Amanda J Threadbone may be the subject of an "internal coup" against its "increasingly despotic leader". Or so claims Black Syd leader of the Bonileaks group. A spokesperson for Mrs Threadbone was quick to deny all such claims though did disclose that a Report had been commissioned from Chartered Accountants TTP Ltd into the Corporations governance and structures and that the Report was under "active consideration" . She stressed that Mrs Threadbone was herself leading the Corporation's response to the Report's suggestions.

Investigative reporters for the Fifehead St Quintin Financial Times who have seen extracts from the TTP Report say that the increased complexity of the Threadbone Corporation's holdings - to which have recently been added the retail outlets, Threadstones, Threadboys, Threadbucks, Threadmills, Threadbonemeals as well as the Threadstone Farms business - has proven a strain on the former administrative structures and that the TTP report recommends both a significant degree of restructuring and a devolution of powers. There is even mention their sources say of Mrs Threadbone's "sell-by" date and though no-one within the organisation is prepared to say what this might mean, it is clear that there is a degree of concern regarding the long-term succession.

Friends of Mrs Threadbone have been quick to insist that she remains "very much at the helm and very much in charge" and few who witnessed her recent appearance at the Threadbone Primavera Festival late last month will doubt that she has the energy and mental capacity of a woman half her age. As she said at the end of her memorable talk, "it's certainly not over and very definitely not out!"

The value of Threadbone Corporation shares fell sharply on news of the Report, though they later recovered following assurances that Mrs Threadbone was neither "coming nor going".

That Bonileak in full: here

Members of the Threadbone Corporation Board.  Who amongst the young turks features in Mrs Threadbone's succession plans?

Members of the Threadbone Corporation Board. Who amongst the young turks features in Mrs Threadbone's succession plans?

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