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Shock Committee Return For Ousted Former Leader

In what is described as a sign of her "increasing vulnerability" Mrs Doris Endersley-Kindersley was today forced to re-appoint to the DHRA Committee defeated former PM and Secretary Mrs Marjorie Billington-Marjorie (84).

Only last May Mrs Billington-Marjorie was removed from the all-powerful DHRA Central Committee (and her keys to the photo-copying room withdrawn) in what was then seen as a coup against an ageing "politburo" which had "lost touch with romantic reality". As a result, she and Mrs Endersely-Lindersley have become bitter rivals.

Speaking on Radio Holnest's "Good Morning Holnest" programme this morning, Mrs Billington-Marjorie side-stepped questions about her strained relationship with Mrs Endersely-Kindersley and declined to criticise her successor saying only that "This is a time for us all to bury the hatchet and come together in the collective interest. Now is not the time either for crowing or for retribution. That will come later..."

Mrs Billington-Marjorie's agreement to rejoin the Committee as Agricultural and Rurally Situated Romantic Narratives Advisor secures Mrs Endersely-Kindersely's position for the moment and is said to have been the result of a secret meeting between the two after Mrs Endersely-Kindersley had addressed the DHRA's powerful 1903 Committee (named for the Association's oldest surviving member and Chief Technology and Communications Consultant 114 year old Miss Wincey Runcie-Pruncy) last night.

Described by an insider as "tense" the meeting is said to have allowed disgruntled members to vent their fury at Mrs Endersley-Kindersley and her decision to risk their collective positions by calling an unnecessary snap election. However, another source warned that all was still not well. "It's only the threat of the odious Mr Street (Jermyn Street leader of the left-leaning on a lampost faction) that is keeping us in check. The very idea of his hands on the photocopier is unconscionable: there will be toner everywhere and you don't get that out of your underpants in a hurry I can tell you".

Mr Street tweeted, #crap ##@/$!can't get the hang of this. A spokesperson later added: "The tweet was in jest. Mr Street is very good at social media - he orders his special plain envelope supplies online and is fully at home with the interweb."

Mr Street's generally younger supporters are keen to emphasise his modernity and familiarity with the interweb.

Mr Street's generally younger supporters are keen to emphasise his modernity and familiarity with the interweb.

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