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RSCBE Announces 2018 Conference Venue

The 50th Anniversary RSCBE Conference (and the 12th since the demise of Professor Thrupiece its inspirational co-founder and still guiding spirit) will be held in Barbados in July 2018 the RSCBE announced today. Speaking from its headquarters and spiritual home in the heart of the Threadbone Corporation's Great Heaving Complex, current Director Professor Herr Dr Dr Dr Manfred Fadenknochen unveiled details of what is likely to be an emotional as well as a steadfastly scientific affair.

"Here at the RSCBE we are conscious of our history, traditions and responsibilities and we cannot let an opportunity like our 50th Anniversary pass without comment or celebration. We have asked ourselves what Professor Thrupiece would have wanted at such a conference and beyond the obvious (room service) opinion has been creatively divided. Some have suggested a celebration of the Professor's work and his distinguished contribution to his chosen fields (culinary bio-ethics per se but also small appliance ecumenicalism) whilst others have suggested that we should strike out in bold new directions as he might have done. So we have invoked the democratic process (Threadbone block vote variation) and the 12 person committee [Chaired on this occasion by Mrs Threadbone's proxy] voted for the former option (2001 votes to 11). We are "all" delighted though in the words of your famous comedian and radio star George Orwell, "some are more delighted than others".

Ws the choice of location significant? Professor Herr Dr Dr Dr Manfred Fadenknochen was asked. "Indeed", he told the assembled press corps, "It was one of Professor Thrupiece's favourite stop-overs on his commutes between the USA, Cuba and the USSR. He was particularly fond of visiting old female friends of his and their children, many of whom he treated as though they wee his own".

Booking for the conference opens today and qualified delegates are urged to reserve their place immediately as the event is always over-subscribed.

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