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Double Arrest in Souvenir Programme Related Incident

Frome St Quintin Police yesterday arrested two men involved in a brawl outside the Pink Nancy Public House in what is believed to be a work-related dispute. Nigel Courtauld-Institute and Richard Loewe-Tekk were remanded in custody overnight and later released on bail.

The two men, who share a small cottage on the High Street, recently worked on the - now infamous - 2017 Branscombe Air Show Souvenir Programme and have been partners in Designs'R'Us the Frome St Quintin-based graphic design company for nearly two years. A police spokesperson said that the two had gone for a drink to "sort out their differences" and that matters seemed to spiral out of control as each blamed the other for the publishing mistake which had shocked many and seriously compromised the public's enjoyment of the free Dorset aerial display. A witness and Pink Nancy regular, Ginnie Tonick, said that the relationship between the two had become strained in recent days "both on and off the pitch" following the Company's loss of the Branscombe Airshow Souvenir Programme contract. "I think its quite important to them" she added, "since its the only regular work they get."

Rapidly evolving Branscombe Air Show Souvenir Programme-gate, took an unhappy turn on Monday when Threadbone Corporation lawyers Threadbone, Threadbone and Threadbone issued a statement on the Corporation's behalf apologising to the public for any offence caused and distancing itself from Designs'R'Us whose contract had been terminated "with immediate effect".

"After that they just seem to have gone in to meltdown", a close friend of Ms Tonick who did not wish to be identified said. "I passed the cottage; the milk was still out and they hadn't even watered the window boxes."

That infamous Souvenir Programme again HERE

The premises of Designs'R'Us in Frome St Quintin. The door was firmly locked yesterday, and patrons of The Happy Friends Cafe, located above the design workshop, confirmed there had been "no activity worth speaking of" for several days.

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