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Professor Thrupiece: The All Inclusive Package

From the Press Statement issued today by RSCBE acting Vice-President Daniel Best-Practice:

"Readers of earlier papers in the RSCBE's prize-winning series of Thrupiece monographs will need no reminding of the Professor's pioneering visits to the Soviet Union, Cuba, the USA, East Germany, Switzerland and Bradford Abbas. Few will know, however, of his many “escapes” to the magical Balearic island of Ibiza or of his work in establishing that small bejewelled place in the hearts of fun-loving peace-seekers and wasted entertainment junkies worldwide. Finding a sleepy Eden unchanged since Christopher Columbus’s days on the island, the Professor brought his consummate conservationist credentials and strong ethical instincts to bear on its development and left it a playground for the helpless, the hopeless, the hapless and the seriously deranged.

The RSCBE in association with the Threadbone Press is proud to announce the arrival of this new monograph by Iberian-born author and night club singer Imin Clubbe-lande."

Speaking at the monograph's launch at the RSCBE's Great Heaving Headquarters, Head of Light Entertainment - Johnny Dee - was excited by the many revelations contained within the book. "I'm excited by the many revelations contained in the book", he said, "yes very excited!" Asked to explain to the non-initiated why this was quite such an exciting day for the RSCBE, he explained, "Well it just is! It's ... it's ... very very exciting!" Mr Dee then left for a pressing social engagement.

Guest of honour Mrs Amanda J Threadbone was more cogent: "Any discovery, however small, which sheds further light on the esteemed Professor and his achievements is to be celebrated with a full and thankful heart. Day by day and year by year the story grows and with it our understanding of what motivated this complex and sometimes contradictory man and our gratitude for his life and work grows with it. He was a truly admirable person who overcame the difficulties of his inadequate education [Batcombe School and Magdalene College, Cambridge (ed)] to make a huge impact on the world as he encountered it. I think of him as David Attenborough, Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Crankie all rolled into one quite marvellous bundle. The work he did on Ibiza is simply unforgettable and unforgivable."*

The new volume is available from the RSCE via its Thrupiece Papers Digital Portal HERE

It is also available as a Threadbone Press Flipbook™ HERE

*This was later corrected to "unforgettable and unsustainable" and later still to "unforgettable and unimaginable."

The RSCBE in association with the Threadbone Press have published "Professor Thrupiece the Ibiza Years" the latest addition to their monograph series.

The RSCBE in association with the Threadbone Press have published "Professor Thrupiece the Ibiza Years" the latest addition to their monograph series. LEFT: The new volume sporting the now familiar series cover design. TOP RIGHT: The RSCBE's state-of-the-art facility at Great Heaving; BOTTOM LEFT: Esther Rantzen tribute act Gloria Esther-Fan hogs the limelight, standing in for an indisposed Imin Clubbe-Lande.

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