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The Unintended Consequences of Success

Before the publication of Professor Thrupiece: The Ibiza Years, few outside the closed world of the Ibiza Club Scene had heard of sometime author, night club singer and Thrupiece biographer Ms Imin Clubbe-Lande. A "professional" for more than a decade, the Iberian chanteuse (or, more properly, cantante femenina) has been "doing the rounds" of Ibizan hotels and bars (she is featured regularly at Professor Thrupiece's once favourite Hotel Paraiso Beach) but attracting little notice outside a few cognoscenti who recognise a decent pair of lungs when they see them.

Now, however, thanks to her recent work for the RSCBE and the controversy it has stirred, interest in her activities other than as authoress and scholar is blossoming. A spokesperson for her agency - Threadbone Iberian Artist Management SL (Toledo) - confirmed that numerous bookings are in the offing following revelations that "she sings Petula Clark almost as well as Petula and in Spanglish". [Ms Clark is 84 and has not been seen since 1993.]

Happily readers can judge for themselves, for Ms Clubbe-Lande's CD Imin CLubbe-Lande sings Petula Clark (Live at the Jacaranda Lounge, Es Canar) is due for release on the Hornimint Nostalgia Record label later this month. And better still, there is even talk of a UK Tour next year, including a major concert in Great Heaving with the Thrupiece Jazz Ensemble under their dynamic Musical Director Jezz Ensembel.

Asked if she was surprised at her sudden stardom, Ms Clubbe-Land replied: "No puedo creer mi suerte De repente, todo me está sucediendo a mí. Una vez que tuve la suerte de rascar un poco de los bares en Ibiza, ahora voy a protagonizar la tierra Thrupiece, que es mi sueño. Y todo porque `hablo del Profesor Thrupiece y el bebé amoroso de mi madre (¡vaya! Que ha dejado al pidgeon fuera del gato). Por favor, olvida esto. Soy una perra tonta." ["I can not believe my lucky happening. Quickly it's all landing on me. Once I was hard to scratch a bit from the bars in Ibiza, now I am to star in Thrupiece land which is my ecstasy. And because I speak of Professor Thrupiece and my mother's lovebaby (oops that I have let the pigeon out of the cat). Please to forget this. I am one dumb bitch.] Overhearing the interview, Mr & Mrs Godfrey Pedant added "we couldn't agree more".

ALBUM details from the orinoco store HERE

Sample Track available HERE

Ms Clubbe Lande sings the great Petula Clark's recorded legacy live at the Jacaranda Lounge, Es Canar. The CD is reissued by Hornimint Records on their famed Nostalgia label almost a decade after it was first recorded. Asked if her voice is still today what it was a decade ago, her agent looked puzzled. "Well I doubt she's improved",

he added "and she was pretty crap then".

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