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Viral Interest In Former Star Leads To Product Relaunch

The re-emergence of Hester Nicely-Pointy (or Lady Garden as she is now better known) as a media personality has taken the world-wide-web-sphere into uncharted territory as fans new and old search desperately for memorabilia as well as information on the former Radio Thrupiece star. Even in an era of faddism, quick-fixes and febrile interest where the attention span of a gnat is considered wholly unsustainable, the attention now lavished on Ms Nicely-Pointy is as remarkable as it is refreshing.

"The solace of the antique is a well known antidote to the uncertainties of the new" opines Alderholt Psychiatric Institute Director Offis Trolley, "so it is hardly a surprise that in a world of mounting uncertainty people should flock to the tried and tested as well as the tired and rested. Take for example the recent success of thrupiecefilm's Darkest Flower (it won 4 DAFTAs and two Golden Balls at last night DAFTA Awards). How else would you explain a 2018 audience rising in tumultuous applause to a speech about stealing Nazi horticultural secrets?"

Be that as it may there is no doubt that interest in Ms Nicely-Pointy and her times has mounted exponentially.*

Never slow to capitalise on a trend, Threadbone Laboratories have acquired from Tallahassee Toxics the worldwide rights to manufacture and distribute POX the late 1950s beauty soap guaranteed to freshen even the most stubborn body parts. The product which was briefly popular in 1959 amongst those with a poor self-image and low self-esteem was promoted by the glamorous Ms Nicely-Pointy who was often described at the time as "the thinking man's Scotch pancake".** Only later did tests reveal that many of the claims for the product (including that it was harmless, had not been tested on animals and was safe for external application) were "misleading".

So it the Threadbone Corporation at all concerned about relaunching the product in an era of health-scares, consumer power and organo-naturalist fascism? "Not in the slightest" says spokesperson Dr Ikan Brushitov. "No-one has reported being injured by the product since it was last taken off the market and now the fuss has died down we think its an opportunity ripe for exploitation. Memory is a funny thing. Many people remember Ms Nicely-Pointy and some remember the soap. No-one remembers the scorching, vomiting and (only occasionally fatal) shortness of breath."

The original Advertising Poster is available in FULL COLOUR HERE

The updated Advertising Poster is available HERE

* As measured by Threadbone Audience Research Ltd. Sample Size: 1

** Ms Nicely-Pointy has no known Scottish connection having been born in Sutton Poyntz, Dorset. The surname (or part surname) Pointy is believed to be a corruption of the place name and is not uncommon in the area. The appellation of the Scottish subriquet is of uncertain origin.

Original Advertisement for Pox: a luxurious beauty soap which guaranteed freshness and a hospital visit.

Original Advertisement for Pox: a luxurious beauty soap which guaranteed freshness and a hospital visit.

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