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Forward With Neil

Mr Neil Forward former protégé of deceased cult leader Billy Grantham has been named Supreme Pastoral Advisor of the new age evangelical movement formerly led by Pastor Grantham. Described as an advocate of incremental reform the forward leaning Mr Forward has launched the "Forward with Neil" campaign in which he calls for "forward thinking and greater flexibility in the position of women". "I think there are aspects of our teaching which have too often kept some of our members on their knees. I want them to rise and experiment. There's more than one way in which they can receive the spirit and I want them to feel free to explore them all". "As a pro-active member, they can be assured of my support and participation at every turn", he added. "Member by member we can make this happen. With all of our members united together we can make this a huge thing."

Mr Forward is believe to have survived an internal challenge from the "No Change" candidate Pastor Rick Pervitt leader of Status Quo, the traditionalist wing of the movement.

"We know the direction in which Billy would have wanted us to travel", Mr Pervitt told the Cattistock Christian Monitor, "he was all about a stable platform: having your feet firmly planted and revealing the spirit to a supplicant audience. It was awesome the way that spirit flew around the room in all directions and how it was received. People were open-mouthed and frequently overcome. Just like a rock concert - but with less clothes and better music obviously."

Mr Forward is 63, Mr Pervitt 78 and looking it.

New Supreme Pastoral Advisor Neil Forward believes it is time for the movement's women to rise up and get on top.

New Supreme Pastoral Advisor Neil Forward believes it is time for the movement's women to assume more dominant positions. Here he "practices what he preaches" with former Stringbonefellows convert Ms Drusilla Parker-Knowles (formerly Drusilla Likhtarovich Runner Up Miss Moscow [Мисс Москва 1983)

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