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New Kid on the Mystery Romance Block

Hard as it is to believe, it is more than a year since our friends at Threadbone Crimeshelf introduced us to the wonderful world of The Herston General Hospital and its Chief General Surgeon Adam Carrington - the dashing and debonaire clinician who's forensic mind can lend itself just as easily to solving crimes as curing patients others have given up for lost. Ably assisted by lovable nurse Sister Sally Wellbeloved, the dashing and debonaire general surgeon has become a firm favourite with romantics and crime lovers alike. Those who enjoyed Emergency Ward Love and its sequel Spoonful of Love will be thrilled to hear of the latest title in the series.

Accident and Engagement is the latest outing for the medical duo, penned by Emma Roid (the nom de plume of Ahmed Aziz). It finds the surgeon and his assistant in a race against time to rescue the career of Herston's CTI scanning technician Di Agnosis who stands accused of medical malpractice following the death of a patient. Amidst the usual twists, turns, red-herrings and grippingly detailed medical scenes, readers will be delighted to find that romance is still in the ether* as the professional medics turned amateur sleuths go about their sometimes grisly business. But will Adam and Sally find more than the murderer? Is romance perchance in the ether* too? Well if your dying* to find out and need an emergency* shot of romance why not make your way toute suite to your nearest operating* Threadstones or, better still, order on line from the orinoco store today! You kn ow you should!!

* these are believed to be attempted puns

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The highly successful Adam Carringtom Mystery Romances Series continues with Accident and Emergency. Penned by Emma Roid, the nom de plume of real life and occasionally successful surgeon Ahmed Aziz, the series has won dozens of readers through its addictive mix of murder, romance and voyeuristic insight into unpleasant medical procedures of all kinds.

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