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Thrupiece World

We would expect nothing less from organisations with the scientific pedigree of the thrupieceorganisation and the commercial flair of the Threadbone Corporation. With an almost infinite pool of scientific talent to draw upon, unparalleled financial resources and a reputation for communications excellence which is the envy of the world, the Dorset-based conglomerate's entry into the world of the Theme Park was never going to be less than classy or more than overdue. But whatever we were (or were not) expecting, this has to be a special day for science.

Launched today Thrupiece World is no ordinary Theme Park; indeed no ordinary white-knuckle high-octane, brain-jarring, consciousness-enhancing rollercoaster, tripple-decker burger of a knowledge-based A1 certified intellectual joy ride. The world's first virtual theme park dedicated to the joint pursuit of science and fun ("Thrupiece World where science and fun are the best of friends") is everything we might have hoped for and more. A rich resource ("the most comprehensive data dump since the Facebook data-harvesting scandal") as well as a supremely navigable site ("more beautifully turned corners than a 1930s Hospital Bed") , Thrupiece World is a virtual tutor, a global University, an Invisible College and a Nemesis Inferno (?? Ed) rolled into one.

"Its really great for the kids", says Junior Education Director Junior Ed Ukat'n, "they can really get lost in there, have great fun and emerge with important life and transferable skills. My eight year old knew nothing about explosives but within an hour she had made her own primitive but highly effective device. Boom!" Adult Education Director - Reg Inal Kollege - agrees: "I've taught some recalcitrant mongs in my time", he said, "but even the complete t***s find things on this site. A group of 17 year olds were so taken with what they learned, they borrowed a stranger's car and took it apart just to see how it worked and what the parts were worth. You can't fault them for effort. It's amazing just how energised they are".

Thrupiece World is available to everyone without subscription thanks to generous donations from several Great Heaving-based entities. However those using and benefitting from the site (and who wouldn't? (Ed)) are asked to consider making a donation. Cash and postal orders should be sent to Thrupiece World, c/o Opportunistic Holdings Inc, PO Box 69, First National Savings Bank, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

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Thrupiece World - a virtual science and fun park has opened to the public.

Thrupiece World - a virtual science and fun park has opened to the public. Its aim - to bring enlightenment to the indigent and importunate masses - is to be applauded, says Winterborne Herringston's Institute for the Advancement of Science's science and media guru Krishna Guru-Media. Time will tell whether the initiative will prosper. Several car owners and local retailers have already expressed doubts.

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