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A Media Watcher Writes #34

Media watcher, Ms Medea Wotcher, has written to the Sydling St Nicholas Sun to point out [actually she complained [ed]] what she describes as "asymmetric genderist ageism" in the paper's recent coverage of several celebrity couples. Citing the cases of [a] Melvyn Scoops [86] and Ms Noodles Goodbody [34] and [b] the more recent Jameston ["Jimmy"] Cheekie [87] and 21 year old former fan Lindsey Offa-Hed, Ms Wotcher claims that the women in question have been "traduced in a way that would not apply were the age differences between the partners gender reversed".

Stressing that gender reversal was "very much a matter for the couples concerned and not something about which we have ever openly campaigned" and, further that "traducing - whatever it is - is just not in the Sydling St Nicholas Sun's vocabulary" Sydling St Nicholas Sun editor Ron Nasty was quick to defend the newspaper and its "responsible stand on issues of public interest".

So just how is the exposure of the private - if deviant - arrangements of celebrity couples "in the public interest", Ms Wotcher asks? Springing to the popular Dorset newspaper's defence, anti-anti-asymmetric genderist ageism [pro-anti-asymmetric genderist ageism? [ed]] Dame Rongonevery-Levél argues that the couples in question are "members of the public" and that "people are interested in them - ergo* they are in the public interest".

* therefore [ed]

Lawyers for Jameston ["Jimmy"] Cheekie are said to be considering action against the newspaper, not least for its suggestion that brothers Barrington and Paulston are against the marriage. "For one thing Barrington is no longer with us [he moved to Devon [ed]] and Paulston hasn't expressed an opinion in years". It is believed that a rift between the brothers first opened in 1956 when Jimmy mis-timed the trio's patented "groin kick" routine. "Relations - professional and marital - have never been the same since", a spokesperson said.

Today's Sydling St Nicholas Sun cover: "tough on aymmetric genderist ageism, tough on the causes of aymmetric genderist ageism" says uncompromising editor Ron Nasty

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