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The Culinary Bio-Ethical Sorcerer Book One

Amongst many alluring titles in the Threadbone Press's recently announced January list, few are likely to generate as much immediate excitement as the eagerly anticipated "Hoary Precept and the Philosopher's Bone", the first in the Culinary Bio-Ethical Sorcerer Series designed to introduce young minds to the ontological, epistemological and theological-moral minefield that is modern day Culinary Bio-ethics.

Even bringing such matters to the attention of the indigent young without recourse to on-line electronic games and gismos is a challenge to any publishing house, whilst engaging their attention for the longer span (55 seconds plus) is generally held to be well nigh impossible unless, of course, a gratuitous element of the supernatural trope - currently de rigour in the field of fiction - can be conspicuously deployed. Perhaps learning lessons from a former failed attempt - J Thelbert Gumstick's "Culinary Bio-ethical Problems Made Simple for Simpler Minds" was not the runaway success the publishers anticipated - the Threadbone Press have decided to charge the distinguished children's short-story writer - author J K Threadbowling - with the seemingly impossible task.

Taking her inspiration from, amongst others, Dickens, Thackeray, Eliot, Bronte, Austen, Shelley, Asimov, Dick, Tanqueray, Graves and Sizemore, Ms Threadbowling has come up with a wholly novel - and wholly infectious brew - a young apprentice sorcerer who, left alone with a book of spells and a set of mops and buckets, completely reinvents Culinary Bio-ethics in a charming, amusing and adult-friendly way.

Will it work? "Well we have no idea until we try it", says RSCBE President and Series Sponsor Sir Spritely-Nightly [no relation - or possibly a second cousin twice removed], "though we have commissioned a further eighteen titles and are in talks with thrupiecefilm about a cartoon spin-off. Ms Threadbowling is a very good writer and even has a smattering of culinary bio-ethical knowl;edge which as we all know is a very dangerous thing".

The cover of J K Threadbowling's "Hoary Precept and the Philosopher's Bone", this month's eagerly anticipated offering from the Threadbone Press.

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