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Negotiating the Gender Jungle #187

No observer of the social changes which have characterised the West County over the last few decades will be blind to the significant progress women have been allowed to make in their efforts to secure a satisfactory position in the life and work of their communities. Whilst wanting to remaining at all times a helpmeet, homemaker, mother and full time carer/geriatric nurse for their husband's ageing relatives, many women are now keen to do their fair share of the heavy lifting when it comes to the domestic economy - learning to earn as well as spend money in a significant extension to their traditional role. No longer is it acceptable to stay at home whilst their better halves go out to the pub in the evening, rather, many women - however naturally unequipped they may be to the task - are now expected to know how to “keep up their end” in the paying for a round / social intercourse arena - at the very least in order to support the career ambitions of their overworked and hard-pressed menfolk. Balancing an increasing number of conflicting priorities isn't easy for the weaker sex, members of which have been biologically programmed by Nature to remain in the background, contributing as much (or as little!) as they can, if and when asked.

Gone forever: the good old days when washing your baby at 35 degrees on a two minute spin-cycle was all a woman could dream of. [Photo Courtesy Thrupiece Folk Museum, Childe Oak]

So guidance and advice on these matters are always welcome. As Pat Ernalist author of "Why second best is more than good enough: the proper role for women in the modern world" (Miss Sogenist Press (2014)) says “it would be a poor specimen of a woman who was not prepared to learn the skills now required of the modern companion and an unfortunate one too. No one in 2014 wants to marry Little Miss Unprepared, Little Miss Inept or Little Miss Doesn't-know-her-Limitations". And that was more than 4 years ago!

So women of all social classes capable of reading and taking lessons from those who know better will welcome the latest in a long line of publications hoping to negotiate the difficult waters of gender politics. Dorset Women in their Proper Place Magazine is designed to help women discover joy in their voluntary subordination to their husband's needs and is described by publishers Good Old Fashioned Values Magazines as being "written by men for women for the unequal benefit of both". And a jolly good show it is too!

Featuring especially commissioned - and Royal Dorset institute for Men’s Wellbeing approved - articles the Magazine aims to help women fulfil their destinies and please their menfolk by providing sound advice, personal reflections and a series of helpful do's and don'ts. Personal favourites from Issue 1 include: "Dealing with Drexit: Just Shut Up, Look Happy and Let Him Do the Talking"; "Look Nice and Cook Well: A Survivor's Guide to Modern Suburban Living"; "Help Your Fella Get On: Makeup Tips for Hosting His Boss" and an education special: "Why Waste All that Money on a Silly Girl?".

Though every modern woman with a claim to femininity will undoubtedly benefit from a regular subscription, Dorset Women in their Proper Place Magazine is particularly aimed at women as yet too insecure and/or immature to know how and when to do as they are told. So why not ask your husband if he will allow you to subscribe today?*

* Editor's tip. You would be wise to let him de-stress from his busy day before asking. Why not make him his favourite dinner and ask if he would like sexual congress before troubling him with your enquiry. Also, make it clear that you will pay the subscription yourself and that you don't expect him to pay for your enlightenment! In other words, ladies, be sensible and choose your moment carefully. [See Issue 1: "A Solemn Duty: Pleasing Your Man Even When You Don't Want To]

Issue 1 of Dorset Women in their Proper Place Magazine promises to "revolutionise" ordinary women's lives by teaching them how to subordinate their ambitions for the greater good.

Issue 1 of Dorset Women in their Proper Place Magazine promises to "revolutionise" ordinary women's lives by teaching them how to subordinate their ambitions for the greater good.

Available on subscription or - helpfully for the many women who can't cope with paperwork - from the counter at all High Street branches of Threadstones.

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