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Battle For The DHRA

Our Chief Historical Romance Associations Correspondent, Boudice Wrippa writes:

The DHRA was left in turmoil last night after Chair Mrs Doris Endersely-Kindersley the Association's PM (Photo-copier Monitor) and Secretary lost a critical vote in the Library Purchases and Accessions Committee. Members of the Committee had been called upon to "back or sack her" as a fight for the heart and soul of the Association continued to rage in the wake of the wider Drexit negotiations.

The DHRA has become the butt of several political jokes in recent times - something said to "displease somewhat" President for LIFE, Mrs Amanda J Threadbone

The DHRA has been riven by divisions on the issue of continued membership of the West Country Historical Romance Associations Union (WCHRAU), ever since a Referendum in 2016 [aka "Non-Democratic" or "Non-People's" vote] resulted in a victory for the Leave faction of the DHRA. Following the referendum, Mrs Endersely-Kindersley had negotiated a deal whereby the other member associations would continue to be able to borrow from the DHRA but the DHRA itself would be prevented from enjoying reciprocal privileges. She had further agreed that the DHRA would pay a punitive one-off sum of £350,000 to compensate the WCHRAU for the loss of the DHRA's annual membership fee of £10 per annum.

Controversial as these agreements were in some quarters, Mrs Endersely-Kindersley significant reversal in last night's Committee vote was "more likely than not" to have been the result of her agreement to a non-time-limited and non-legally binding front-stop which could see Northern Dorset tied forever to the borrowing arrangements of the wider group via indefinite soft-cover agreement. Those pressing for a hard-cover Drexit insisted that the settlement should include all forms of binding, even - should they ever be invented - ebooks and electronically deliverable "unbound" media in what has become known as a "comprehensive binding agreement".

In the event, Mrs Endersely-Kindersley's proposals pleased neither "stayers" nor "Exeters" [The Administrative headquarters of the WCHRAU] and she fell to a heavy defeat.

Speaking immediately afterwards, opposition leader Mr Jermyn Street called for Mrs Endersely-Kindersley and her team to stand aside to allow an old man with a beard to negotiate a new deal or face a vote of No Confidence in him as Opposition leader. Advised by close associate Red McCloud that he would lose such a vote, Mr Street was unmoved. "It's time the Opposition had a leader worthy of it and I insist on committing political suicide", he said, adding only "Either that or a People's Vote" - referring to an option to re-run the referendum on as regular a basis as necessary until those wishing to remain in the WCHRAU get their way.

In the meantime, in a separate development, Mr Edmund Noels, leader of the "Deal or No Deal Campaign" opted for Box No 12 and won a working weekend for two on a farm just outside Tarrant Rushton.

An angry Mr Jermyn Street vents his frustration on a recalcitrant mobile telephone after last night's humiliating vote. "You haven't heard the last of this though you may have heard the last of me", he told non-supporters.

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