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A [Very] Late Entry

Sotheby's Senior Partner Aubrey Gavel

Sotherbone's, the Bishop's Caundle-based fine auctioneers and valuers, have issued an apology to all those valued customers who have already pre-ordered and/or received their copy of the July 2024 English Masters Collection Catalogue. Due to a printing error - for which the Cheapo Next-Day Press [Bournemouth] has accepted full responsibility - one item [Lot 843] has been omitted entirely.

Regular attendee of Sotherbone's monthly auction - Frei Quently-Bidde - said that Sotherbone's clients "deserved better" adding that the decline in the firm's quality assurance was symptomatic of "a company, a profession, a county and a nation in which nothing works"*. He was not alone in lamenting what is, at the very least, a serious slip in standards.

* Probably a reference to the failure [for the fourth time in as many weeks] of the 11.45 express service from Bradford Peverell to Toller Fratrum [No 36 Bus] to arrive on time.

A Supplementary Sheet has been issued and is now available to all those who have already purchased and/or ordered the full July Catalogue [price 92 guinneas]. It is reproduced here for the benefit of the importunate who appreciate fine art but have no hope whatsoever of ever acquiring any. Sotherbone's sincerely trust that this gesture of inclusivity will not be abused and that the said importunate will not turn up to the auction merely to gaze with envy at those with money to burn and thereby render Sotherbone's selfless act of generosity counter-productive, otiose or even nugatory.

The auction will be preceded by a champaign reception [invited guests only] hosted by Senior Partner Aubrey Gavel.

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