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An Editor Writes #2764


As an Editor with special responsibilty for A Reader Writes, I am often called upon to read what readers have written and respond in writing in a timely and professional matter. This generally means writing before more readers who have read A Reader Writes, have a chance to write in with comments, corrections or sometimes entirely new concerns. The volume of written resposes can, otherwise, be such that reading them and writing in response makes editing A Reader Writes a reading and writing nightmare - often taking up a whole weekend which I could otherwise spend reading writing I would prefer to read.

Accordingly, and in response to today's A Reader Writes, I feel I must write in defence of the blockbuster film Thrupiece and in particular its depiction of the seismic moment when ordinary household and industrial fluff was transmogrified into what was to become The Thrupiecediet™. This is the moment now generally known as Song and Dance-gate.

Readers [whether intending to write to A Reader Writes or not] will be interested to know that in the diary entry following that quoted by Miss Forth-Wright in her earlier contribution to A Reader Writes , Professor Thrupiece records his further reflections on the "most momentous" day of his then relatively short life*

* Just how long Professor Thrupiece's life is/was is the subject of [a] intense speculation and [b] ongoing investigations by L'autoritées suisse. If, as many believe, he is still extant ["missing presumed absent" or "absent presumed disappeared" according to taste and living, say, in an amnaesiac state in Buenos Aires] then his is now a relatively long life. As his cousin Mrs Whisky-McNightly has recently written: "Where there's silence there's hope - a sentiment echoed by former companion and fellow horizontal jogging enthusiast Ms Shelley-Lulette Sizemore who attests that Professor Thrupiece "is just taking longer than expected to return", after "popping out for a quick one" in Geneva in 2005.

He writes as follows:

Authenticated Thrupiece Diary Entry [taken from Professor Thrupiece's Diary [The  Complete Diaries of Professor Thrupiece, 212 vols, various editors, The Threadbone Press].

Page from Professor Thrupiece's original Diary recording the "day after the most momentous day". [Courtesy The Thrupiece Birthplace Museum, Batcombe.

"Everything contines to go well and I am greatly encouraged by the Bovril experiment [the stewed rhubarb not so much - needs more work [try tinned?]]. I firmly believe that at some future date this could rank amongst the Sentient World's Top 50 Seminal Moments. Even so I am determined not to make a song and dance about it - number 8 would be perfectly acceptable" [Emphasis added].

Could it be that it is this reference to "a song and dance" which has misled film makers into believing that the momentous moment was marked by singing and dancing and that the fluff joined in? Just saying .... [Ed]

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