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Bond; Brooke Bond

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

One of thrupiecefilm's most lucrative franchises - the Brooke Bond series [based on Allen Ian's eponymous 1940s creation] - is set to make its 124th outing this summer with veteran star Wendy Craig once again tackling the demanding title role. The series began modestly in 1958 but has now grown to become one of the world's biggest box-office earners most and each film one of the year's most anticipated releases. Once again Chef de Cuisine Bond will take on all-comers in a tale which is believed to revolve around espionage in the wet fish to chip shop supply chain. Other than the implication [see below] that Dorset's most lucrative enterprise is threatened by European skulduggery in an apocalyptic post-Drexit near-shore fisheries scenario, little is known of the plot. It will doubtless feature the usual scenes of intrigue, violence, rogue condiments and daring-do - scenes which its ageing star has admitted now test her renowned fitness to the limit. "Some of those fillets are quite heavy", she revealed in a recent interview, "and batter splatter can be a real bugger at my time of life". Not for the first time the star has promised that this will be her last outing in the role, though several previous changes of mind mean that audiences have been seriously disappointed before.

Actress Wendy Craig has assured Bond fans that this will definitely be her last outing in the role.

A teasing trailer released today [see below] suggests that it will be a dark tale of betrayal - darker perhaps than we have come to expect from a series which began as a light comedy-drama but has slowly shifted focus as its star's ability to lift a quirky eyebrow diminished and screenplay writers struggled to find pretexts for slapstick Mr Pastry inspired scenes amidst the culinary carnage. The culinary advisor is once again RSCBE stalwart Ms Audrey Badminton-Court, so cinema-goers can at least be assured that the food-based scenes and more technical comestible-based dialogue will be up to the mark.



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