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Competition Rules: A Clarification

Since announcing our exclusive Reader's Competition through which we invited subscribers to send in examples of historical breast augmentation, in order o find the first ever example, the offices of have been inundated with entries most of which have proven ineligible for one or more of several reasons. In order to discourage vexatious and [frankly] time-wasting entries we have decided to publish a number of basic ground rules together with examples of inadmissible submissions. Guided in this way we hope to attract and collate only genuine examples which we can then pass on to bona fide professionals working in the field of the History of Cosmetic Surgery.

We trust that readers will take careful note of what follows and that we can, thereby, reduce significantly the stress on office staff who are currently overwhelmed [with mirth [Ed]].


  1. Entries must be genuinely historical and not mock-ups of modern pictures antiqued, aged or recontextualised in order to give a false impression of the era from which they originate

  2. The women portrayed must clearly have undergone procedures and not simply have naturally large, beautiful or even desirable breasts and should, under no circumstances, have medium to small bristols

  3. The breasts in question need not be [and preferably should not be] exposed

  4. Any combination of the above will be deemed particularly heinous

  5. Pictures of close relatives or loved ones should not be submitted without express permission [even if the relative in question is looking for a little modelling work and you are just trying to give her a leg up.]

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