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Coping - With BO

Following on from the huge success of Brenda Oats's We Speak You Cook Volume 1 comes Volume 2 of this innovative Talking Recipe Book Series designed to aid the newly-wedded housewife without the slightest clue as to how to put a successful meal on the table for her hard-working husband and provider.

Written and hosted by former thrupiecediet and Fitness the Threadbone Way ambassador Brenda Oats, the series more or less guarantees that "giving it to him on a plate" will be a pleasure for all concerned no matter how fumbling and inexperienced the "little woman" involved is. ["Hard though it is to believe I was a kitchen virgin myself once", says the now hugely experienced Mrs Oats.] And with a host of new ideas which build upon the skills acquired by following Volume 1, Volume 2 is bound to be yet another runaway success for audio publisher Threadbone/Hornimint Talking Books.

We Speak - You Cook Volume 1 proved popular amongst newly wedded women unsure how to please their husbands but determined to try however painful the experience.

Following the same successful "recipe" as Volume 1 [no pun intended!] Volume 2 offers a more advanced course in culinary husband pleasing. Whereas Volume 1 stuck to simple flan-based recipes [including the classic Quick No Filling Quiche the predicted popularity of which promoted it to the CD cover], Volume 2 demonstrates how even the least educated wife can combine several ingredients together with the aim of making an interesting and multi flavoured meal for her bread-winning hero. [Significantly the cover of Volume 2 features Brenda's signature Sweet Cherry, Roast Chicken and Mushy Pea Pie - which she describes as "ideal for a relaxing Friday night celebration"].

That said, the basic formula remains the same: Brenda reads her recipes, listing the ingredients and quantities before taking the listener through the method in real time. [with some baking times of up to 45 minutes prepare for some very long silences - there's nothing wrong with your CD machine!]. In all, Volume 2 contains 6 exciting new recipes on 12 CDs.

Foolproof, fail-safe and guaranteed disaster-free, BO Recipes is the perfect companion for a nervous new wife as she seeks to build up confidence and learns how to please her man.

BP Recipes Volume 2: a 12 CD set retailing at £60 and "worth every penny" for the long silences and calm reassurance it brings

So all you new [and not so new] husbands out there, why not put an end to wifely kitchen embarrassment, premature expostulation and hiding that soggy clean-up tissue mess in the nearest drawer by buying BO Recipes for your struggling new wife this Christmas. With many couples reporting a massive improvement in the quality of their together-time, you'd be doing both her and yourself a big favour!

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