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Darling of the Crime World

Eleanor Beechwood is a figure shrouded in mystery. Publicity blurb hints at an interesting and compex past but just who lies behind the facade of this the newest Queen of Dorset Crime?

Mention crime writers to anyone with a passing interest in the subject and the usual suspects will come tumbling out: Doug Graves, Polly Anthus, Dornford Sittingbourne, Emma Roid, Gordon Tanqueray, Quintus Remus and even Agatha Panthus; but mention crime writers to anyone really in the know and the smart money will be on up and coming new authoress Eleanor Beechwood.

Never heard of her? Well don't be too down on yourself. Until recently this femme de plume has been one of Dorset's best kept secrets and even now "secret" is the word for everything surrounding Eleanor and her craft. Absent from Literary Festivals, she refuses to undertake book-signing tours and refuses all interviews save for those she gives to close friends in the media - people she can trust to keep her identity under wraps.

So just what do know of the Threadbone Press's newest acquisition?

Eleanor Beechwood is the nom de plume of a famous Dorset personality (and DHRA member). After a life on the international circuits she turned to writing whilst convalescing from a fall in Higher Wraxall. Discovering she had a talent for plotting, a reasonable grasp of syntax but haphazard spelling [“Thank goodness for spellchecking!”] she wrote her first novel - All Aboard for Murder - in less than 2 years. She is now the author of more than two mystery romance novels, all of which feature her feisty socialite detective Maisy Darling.

It is said that Ms Beechwood enjoyed a long and complex relationship with a former Dorset Professor and for more than a decade she was his muse, travelling companion and horizontal jogging partner. She often accompanied him on his travels abroad. She now lives in a small castle near Sturminster.

A 1st Class Ticket to Murder is her third novel.

For further details on Eleanor Beechwood visit The Threadbone Crimeshelf Page HERE

Read an Extract from her latest novel HERE

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