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Death and Denial

Following the hostile critical reception which greeted thrupiecefilm's updated version of Agatha Panthus's Murder on the Overcombe Express, the company has - perhaps unwisely - decided to [literally] dip its toes into another of the author's [and the film industry's] classics by remaking Death and Denial, her 2003 mystery yarn set in the troubled waters of the River Nile. [Fans of the authoress were concerned at the time of publication that the foreign setting - unique within her ouevre - might over-stretch the octogenarian writer who had hitherto confined herself to locations no more than 12 miles from Nether Compton.]. As it turned out their fears were well founded - several reviewers of the book commented on the difficulty she seemed to encounter in making Cairo seem other than Corscombe, one adding that the turbulent river which is almost a character initself - seemed uncannily like the Piddle near Piddletrenthide on a quiet Sunday in November.

First published in 2003, Death and Denial was Agatha Panthus's 18th novel and the 17th to feature bespectacled sleuth Atlas Powerboat.

Be that as it may, Death and Denial - with its intricate plot involving falling masonry, dodgy dagos, rich heiresses and improbably cocktails - won over many fans becoming one of the author's best sellers and catnip for the Holwellwood film industry.

Filming for the new - and wholly unnecessary - adaptation began in 2017 but was interrupted by endless difficulties with the script, a change of leading actress ["irreconcilable differences" with Director Christopher Notalent] and a shortage of funds. A rescue package put together via crowd funding saw the film into post production, though release has been delayed pending the lifting of RDC restrictions ["one in one out"] on cinema audiences.

Starring Kenneth Boner as famously bespectacled detective Atlas Powerboat, the film will open in selected cinemas in September. Only the larger venues able to socially distance up 15 mask-wearers will be screening the film, though long queues are not anticipated: most of the population having watched Murder on the Overcombe Express are expected "not to bother".

thrupiecefilm has released a number of publicity stills from the film with the aim of keeping its highly complex plot under wraps. Those who have seen the finished article say they are "still no further forward in knowing who dunnit".

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