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Doctoring: An Addendum

In response to several enquiries from our graduate community [a Mr Rewand Poshmont from Canford Magna was particularly vociferal] we have decided not to neglect completely those students who have paid high bench and other fees with a view to obtaining a PhD degree. We have concluded that whilst MA and MPhil candidates can go hang - the former will be awarded their degrees in due course and without further study anyway, whilst the latter was always just a way of minting money - those who have paid very large sums of money in order to be able to add Dr to their title [and thus cause endless confusion during medical emergencies when they have to explain that they are "not that kind of doctor" [embarrassing [Ed]] will not go unrewarded.

From 2pm this afternoon intending PhD graduands can use the same digit-portal [as well as the same USER ID and PASSWORD] as that set up for BA "print-at-home" degree certificates to download and create their own PhD certificate. Happily - as befits those who believe they have the intelligence to go for the higher degree - the filling-in process is much simplified since no subject category need be selected. However, the same care needs to be exercised in deploying both scissors and sharp ball point-pens. It is as close to zero jeopardy as the system can currently get.

We trust Mr Poshmont and his ilk will be pleased and make appropriate financial acknowledgement in due course. Gratitude never goes amiss.

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