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Drexit Emergency Appeal

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The DHRA has today launched its much-anticipated Drexit Emergency Appeal with an uncompromisingly gritty video highlighting the plight of many of those still trapped outside the county, unable to complete the necessary paperwork and now desperately in need of help. It is estimated that more than 25 people - several of them DHRA members - were stranded on the wrong side of the divide at 11 pm on 31st January. Little has been seen or heard from them since, but as rudimentary lines of communication are opened up it is believed that the whereabouts of many of the missing 25 has now been established. They are said to be facing unimaginable difficulties as they struggle to make arrangements to return to the safety of Dorset.

A reminder of the triumphalism of Mrs Endersely-Kindersley's pro-Drexit Establishment Party prior to the last election. Is she so keen now that Drexit has come to roost so close to home? [Yes she is [Ed]]

The idea for an Emergency Appeal - designed primarily to furnish those in foreign camps abroad with sustaining literature [Rowena Westlake, Dorford Sittingbourne, Orwena Kawelste and Never Laider-Fingerona titles especially] - was that of Mrs Endersley-Kindersley whose grandson Eckersley is believed to be amongst those trapped. Political commentator and former Remainer Soarre Luzer says this is only fitting. "It's her mess to clear up; she got us into it, let's see if the useless old fossil can get us out of it", she said. Mrs Endersley-Kindersley declined to comment pending the outcome of a focus group discussion.

The film directed by Manny Shortages is as hard-hitting as it is effective [ie neither [ed]]. It will be shown for the first time on thrupiecetv this evening. It is a co-production with the Threadbone Press - which to avoid charges of war profiteering is donating all profits to its Ladybone Books division - and Red Triangle, the Shitterton outdoor clothing and portable traffic accident signage specialists.


Watch that Video BEFORE it is terrestrially screened BELOW:

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