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Election Fever Sweeps County

By Our Political Correspondent Bill Deeds-Poll

DHRA election fever has spread like wildfire through the county with some polling stations reporting that voter turn-out is up especially amongst the upright and broadly mobile.

Dorset is in the grip of election fever say political experts as today sees the climax to the DHRS General Election in which incumbent Mrs Doris Endersely-Kindersley is seeking to stave off the challenge of radical opposition leader Mr Jermyn Street.

Five weeks of intense and sometimes bitter squabbling now come down to the wire as the membership is asked to decide on who will take the DHRA forwards, backwards and possibly sideways. Dubbed the "Drexit Election", Mrs Endersley-Kindersley has vowed to "get Drexit done by the time the sprouts land on the Christmas table", whilst Mr Street is keen on "a second round of drinks" [the "People's Tope"] before committing himself to a decision either way.

Mrs Endersley-Kindersley is hoping for an outturn similar to that which first saw her elected in 1953.

You can keep up with all the important election news by tuning in to endlessly repetitive bulletins on Dorset Radio 4. Alternatively, you can close the door, close your ears, curl up with a good book and hope to fall asleep until at least the New Year [or longer, should Mr Street win].

Additional reporting by our Deputy Election Correspondent Po-Ling Booth.

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