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Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Following its acquisition by thrupiecetv [see "Aggressive manouevres see studio giant absorbed by studio giant", Mappowder Mirror, Cinema Supplement, 12 June 2002] Dorset's ThrediStudios have announced a new animated feature based on the adventures of a fictional Dorset professor who, after disappearing from a Swiss Hotel bedroom, travels the world in search of The Holy Mail - the [some believe fictional] final letter written by another famous Dorset professor before his disappearance from a different Swiss hotel bedroom many centuries ago. Legend has it that the letter contained not only the final piece of the scientific jigsaw puzzle that would complete the world famous Thrupiece Tables*, but also an encoded message to the professor's horizontal jogging partner [the mysterious S-LS] suggesting where he might be found and what flavour Monster Munch she should bring to the re-discovery party.

* Surely if it was that long ago they would be the Thrupiece Tablets? [Ed]

Authentic film clip, Evaporanto, Copyright ThrediStudios 2023

Though this deeply allegorical story has been retailed many times and in many different forms across diverse cultures, it has not, until now been painted in the broad colours and facile language of a feature-length ThrediStudios cartoon; hence, cultural commentators say, the feverish excitement surrounding the new treatment. The cartoon is based, screenwriter Storrie Boörde says, on a very particular version of this foundational myth: the best-selling children's book: Professor Poopants and the Missing Underwear Drawer by versatile novelist and all-round Dorset celebrity Ms Shelley-Lulette Sizemore.

Authentic film clip, Evaporanto, Copyright ThrediStudios 2023

Tight-lipped executives were giving little away during the official announcement other than to say that the zeitgeist of the multi-million dollar cartoon will be similar to that of the studio's previous multiple award-winning floral extravaganza Discounto - the heart-warming tale of the triumph over adversity of Edna's, the Dorset-wide corner shop chain. Several prominent actors have been rumoured to have been engaged to voice the professor himself including Jason Stourpaine, Ziggy Osmington [reputedly deceased [Ed]], William Shatoner and [bizarrely]* female ingenue Olivia Coalface-Mustard. The film's musical score - performed by the Thrupiece Philharmonic Orchestra - is by Addinsell Threadbone III, grandson of veteran film scorer Addinsell Threadbone; whilst hit-machine sensation Rito d'Orito has been entrusted with penning and voicing the title song: "We don't talk about Brian".

*come on this is the 21st century. If a woman is allowed to choose her own clothes then surely a she/her can voice a Dorset professor however few GCSEs she/her might have. [Social Trends Ed / PC Tsar / Advertent Sexism Monitor]. Are we absolutely clear on this? [Ed]

Authentic film clip, Evaporanto, Copyright ThrediStudios 2023

Avid fans will have to wait until September for the cartoon's cinema release, though subscribers to Thredi+ can view it online from 12 August [subscription required, £55 + VAT per month, not available in all areas, minimum 1Gb Broadband required, Terms and Conditions apply, see website for details.]



It's that man again: ThrediStudio's computer-generated AI rendition of a Dorset professor.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of Evaporanto, the new ThrediStudios full length animated feature everyone is talking about** - we are offering a limited-edition, once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-repeated mega-deal to selected new customers only.

** Based on an overheard conversation between two bona fide passengers, Minterne Magna Central Bus Station, Friday 7 July 2023, 15.35

The first 2,000 people to call us on NOTFREEPHONE 276 can get Thredi+ along with 3 other channels [KIXART, SPAR WARS and DOREST GEOGRAPHICAL] for only £45 per month for 3 months. [Thereafter £145 per month, minimum 24 month contract].

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