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Extending Reader Services [Temporary]

A wise man once said that a precedent was not a precedent until and unless it was followed. Hoping this to be the case, we take the unusual - and perhaps unwise - step of publishing a letter we have received from one of our regular readers - Mr Ronald L Clapfahrt of Talbot Heath. Clearly in some distress, Mr Clapfahrt's appeal has struck something of a chord here in an office where "completists" are considered "normal" and obsessive behaviour is recognised as the sign of a diligent mind.

We sympathise deeply, therefore, with Mr Clapfahrt's dilemma [sounds like a catchy title for a film [Ed]] and "put his letter out there" in the hope that someone may respond. All replies should be directed towards Mr Clapfahrt not via the world wide interweb inbound one-way digiportal.

In the likely event that no one responds [Great Pyramid of Giza Block No 1,032 is said to be "as rare as Hen's teeth"], Mr Clapfahrt - as well as anyone similarly afflicted - is reminded that, should he/she/it find him/her/itself in extremis, he/she/it can always contact the Dorset Obsessive Collectors and Incomplete Partwork Holder's Helpline [079767860000 - first call is charged at £0.99 per minute, subsequent calls charged at £4.99 per minute]. Each call comes with a free magazine and a telecoms collectable artefact - collect all 100 artefacts to qualify for a 20% discount on the Dorset Obsessive Collectors and Incomplete Partwork Holder's Helpline Complete Telecoms Collectable Artifacts Collection mahogany display cabinet.


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