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Fall-Out #241

As the fallout from The Blockhead Files continues, further leaked emails throw doubt on the effectiveness of the face-mask strategy widely prosecuted throughout the faux-pandemic in preventing its spread amongst the general population.

It seems increasingly clear that the authorities knew from quite early on that wearing a flimsy, ill-fitting snot-soaked rag with gaps the size of the Nordstream pipeline was "somewhat unlikely" to prevent virus-laden micro-particles from entering the nose or mouth. In addition the acquired habit of temporarily removing masks to relieve steamed-up glasses whilst browsing for provender in supermarkets almost certainly "compromised further" the effectiveness of the mask strategy. However prior to the invention of the fake vaccine strategy [which would come much later] there was no clearer way of identifying to police those individuals who were toeing the line and those who weren't.

Chief Constable of the RDC Sir Rising Crimewave briefed officials in October 2020 and urged them to "maintain the mask fiction at all costs" and, if politically acceptable, allow his forces to paint huge yellow* emblems '"perhaps some kind of star?"] on the front doors of those identified by neighbours as non-compliant. In the end the plan came to nothing, since sufficient supplies of yellow paint could not be guaranteed as a result of the pingdemic driver shortage.

*Threadlux Banana Split [Part number #257]

The gift that keeps on giving. Yet another email trail evidencing the extent to which ministers and official fiddled [wink wink] whilst Dorset burned].

Further emails point to the vital role of DHSC Non-Executive director Gina Colarectola - often seen sitting on Sir Riously Menn-Dayschus' right hand during meetings - in "keeping up the spirits of those around her" and advising in how bulk shares in PPE companies could be secretly acquired and profits moved overseas anonymously - something the CONTRIK-69 inquiry has suggested was vital in "keeping ministers interested and the wheels of government turning". "Sir Riously depended upon her almost completely", a former friend said, "He knew exactly what he wanted from her but couldn't always put his finger on it; try as he might... Sometimes he had to go out into the corridor which some thought suspicious at the time".

The existence of The Blockhead Files was brought to attention of by and individual with access to Sir Riously Menn-Dayschus' official email account.

His/her/their identity is urgently sought by authorities but has not so far been revealed He/she/they are thought to have worked closely with the DHS supremo and may even have attended lockdown parties. PERSONAL ADS SECTION


700,000 gallons of Threadlux Banana Split [Part number #257] . Government Overstock. Massive Discounts available on orders over 200 gallons. All stock must go before the enquiry catches up with it. Nightime collections preferred. Ask for "Dave". Codename: SIR RISING. Safeword: HOME-IMPROVEMENT.

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