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Famous Auctioneers Greet The 21st Century

of Bishop's Caundle: an auctioneers where reputation and a strong sense of public service still survives.
of Bishop's Caundle: an auctioneers where reputation and a strong sense of public service still survives.

The much-respected and highly traditional fine Auctioneers and Valuers - Sotherbones - have today taken a gigantic step into the 21st century by opening an online portal (website) thereby embracing the world wide interweb for the first time in the Company's distinguished history.

Starting life as long ago as 2006 in a small garage on the Little Breedy Trading Estate, Sotherbone's has grown over the years - both in size and prestige - and moved in 2012 to its present spacious premises in Bishop's Caundle. Since that time, the Company has handled numerous sales - often of the rich and famous - and has gained a solid reputation for discretion. In 2010 they sold many of the possessions of pop idol and Dorset celebrity Ziggy Osmington as he struggled to pay creditors, whilst their famously low-key auction of fine wines ["property of a gentleman"] temporarily spared the blushes of Sir Rising Crimewave until the removal of a super-injunction revealed him to be the "man disposing of a remarkable collection due to unforeseen circumstances and pending possible speedy emigration to an unknown destination".

However, the highlight of the Company's nearly 14 year history was undoubtedly the Charity Auction in 2011 when a number of Dorset's leading figures were persuaded to donate personal items in aid of the Mr Threadbone Memorial Pole Fund. None other than Mrs Threadbone herself donated several items including a 1966 Playtex Roll-On Combi- Bodyform Self-supporting Corselet. It sold - to an anonymous collector - for nearly £11.

The new Sotherbone's world-wide interweb site features several of the Company's current auction-bound treasures and is a mine of information for those interested in antiques and collectables. However, the Company is not yet ready to permit online bids and has no plans to add this facility anytime soon. "We prefer our customers to meet with us face-to-face", Senior Partner Aubrey Gavel said, "the time may come when we allow those whom we do not know personally to bid for items, but happily those days are still some way away. For the time being we will continue to make discreet inquiries before treating with potential buyers".

Visitors are welcome to visit the auction house's showrooms (by appointment) but those intending to browse "out of sheer curiosity" should be aware that Sotherbone's highly trained staff can sniff out chancers at long range. Sales are strictly by public auction only and no private side-deals are entertained [even for ready money].

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