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Iconography Or I Con-ology

It is often said that every national crisis - be it revolution, war or just the threat of increased taxation on petrol, alcohol and tobacco - brings forth a corresponding flowering of art and culture. Think of the French Revolution - and the great advancement in knitting and hosiery - or the English Civil War and its impact on hairstyles and flared trousers and you get the idea. Director of the Museum of Modern Art Margaret Marsh [MOMAMM] - Dr Margaret Marsh - believes this to be no coincidence. "It's almost as though a huge upturn in uncertainty allows those hitherto hidebound by tradition to break their bonds and indulge in an orgy of experimentation". This would also explain - she goes on to say - why so much art produced in these culturally exiguous extraordinary circumstances is absolute crap.

So is the time ripe - or perhaps too early - to evaluate the impact of CONTRIK-69 on the creative arts in our present turmoil? Evidently the powers that be at the Threadbone Press are strongly inclined to the former view [though readers of their latest output may find themselves easily persuaded to the latter]. For, hot on the heels of the first two volumes in their CONTRIK-69 Opportunistic Series comes volume 3: The 2020 Professor Thrupiece Guide to the Art and Iconography of Contrik-69. Curated by former Brit-Pop wild child Tain't Modern, this digital collection must stand, for the time being, in place of the intended exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Margaret Marsh which was to have opened in April. Whilst conceding that reproductions do not always do full justice to the range of expression evident in the originals, Ms Modern sincerely believes that their reproduction in book form will go some way to helping the public "come to terms with and even appreciate the value of the fine work by the artists involved". It may, of course, be a pious hope, but no more so than that expressed by Threadbone Press proprietor and CEO Mrs Amanda J Threadbone who today announced that all profits from the latest volume would go to Great Heaving related charities. Generous promise or IOU?

In the meantime, readers are invited to decide for themselves thanks to a special offer from the Mappowder Mirror which is offering every reader a free digital download of the Guide.

Qualifying readers should click on the link below remembering to use the Special Voucher Code CONTRIK-69 ARTCRAP


By agreeing to download this offer you also agree to subscribe to the Mappowder Mirror for a minimum of 48 months


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