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Other Colours Are Available

Following evidence of an unprecedented level of interest in yesterday's posting* which made available for the first time startling images of the moment when, during Regenerative thermo-protonic polymerised transgenic catalytic fissile synthesis [or RTPPTCFS for short], cheese and onion flavouring fuses with a number of electrically excited and thus hyper-receptive fluff atoms to produce an edible residue, several readers have asked whether similar imaging is available for other flavourings and whether the process is different in each case?

* 2 likes and an emailed image which may or may not be a thumbs up

The Salt and Vinegar Series: a sort of turquoise blue

Always eager to satisfy the public appetite, we have made contact with the Threadbone High Speed Chromatography Digi-Labs and - with the help of Director of Advanced Research Iyama Kamra - sourced two further image sets; one for Salt and Vinegar and another for Pickled Onion. We also took the opportunity to ask Dr Kamra whether - colour apart - the process was any different for the various flavourings. After a moments pause to gather her thoughts, Dr Kamra offered the following observation: "These questions are always easier to ask than to answer and there is, therefore, a long and a short answer. For completeness' sake, I'll give you the long answer: no!"

So, having wrapped that up, should we just leave the stunning images to speak for themselves? In principle, we feel sure that we should, but can't resist adding the following:

The Picked Onion Series: brown and beige with a hint of dusky peach.

The excitement aroused by these images amongst our ordinarily rather blasé and cynical office staff was such that a whole range of further scientific questions was generated of which perhaps the most pertinent and exciting was that from Junior Deputy Assistant Ancilliary Newsfeed Watcher, Hennie Olde-Dawgsbodé. "The colours are so magnificent", she asked eagerly "are they available in a wallpaper, lampshade, sun-lounger or papier mashé paperweight?".

Internationally renowned "Set decorators, house-makeover experts and style advisors to the stars" Threadbone Interior Furnishings and Design Ltd, are currently keeping stum whilst all of their designers continue to observe CONTRIK-69 safe "not working from or at home" protocals; but that is not to say that, given their always keen eye on the main chance, we shouldn't be watching this space!

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