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Regression, Progression and a Case of Deperation

Forensic hypnotherapist Ree Greshon has an impressive CV. Quite apart from her "day job" helping animal lovers re-engage with and thereby overcome the devastating loss of treasured dead pets, she has been consultant to the RDC on more than 200 cold cases; applying her specialist knowledge and patent techniques to enable witnesses to rediscover forgotten or suppressed knowledge and helping, in the process, to "solve" more than 3 crimes over the last 20 years. Last year she was the recipient of the RDC's prestigious Sir Rising Crimewave's Little Helpers Award and the subject of a 4 page in-depth profile in Dorset Forensic Hypnotherapist Magazine. Little wonder then that Ree is the go-to solution when the evidence is murky, the memory uncertain and the normal lies of enquiry have faded to a barely discernible trail.

Forensic hypnotherapist Ree Greshon's grandmother Velma from whom she inherited both her psychiatric skills and a complete set of travelling circus curtains and a crystal ball set.

Followers of the investigation into the disappearance of Professor Thrupiece from a Swiss Hotel Room in the Spring of 2005 have long wondered why neither the principal investigating agency [Les Autorités Suisses] nor their British assistants [the RDC] has turned to Ms Greshon as time has passed and all of the once promising leads have been exhausted without even a hint of a breakthrough emerging. "Disappeared presumed missing has been stamped on too many of the Thrupiece files and for far too long" says Thrupiece investigation observer Case Wocher, "and when the conventional isn't working it's time to bring in the nut job".

So it was with some excitement that readers awoke this morning to news that Ms Greshon had flown to Switzerland last week [in a socially-distanced Air Suisse Airbus 300] for a non-virtual meeting with a woman who had wandered into a Swiss Police Station a week earlier claiming that, after a second blow to the head from a faulty waste-paper compactor, she had remembered seeing what she believed to be a corpse "bobbing jauntily" in a local body of water some 15 years ago. She had further "remembered" that "the body had been that of a man, that it had been either naked or semi-naked and, she surmised from its tumescent state, either that of a a recent participant in a bout of horizontal jogging or, alternatively, the victim of involuntary post-mortem over-hydration"*. The woman had told the authorities that she was fairly certain she had encountered the scene as described, though she could not rule out the possibility that she had dreamt it, she and her husband being self-confessed "mangeurs réguliers de le fromage gruyère dans la nuit"**.

* A DOCTOR WRITES: given the way the two scenarios are liable to present themselves clinically-speaking, this is an easy mistake for the layman or woman to make, since swelling [or tumescence to give it its proper technical term] is the natural outcome of both conditions. Only a trained physician with an expert eye or a woman with a certain specific level of experience would be likely to be able to distinguish between the two causes to a standard likely to convince a foreign jury.

** The fact that the woman has also claimed that the body of water in question was somewhere along the Swiss coastline might, one presumes, also give any intelligent authority pause for thought.

Late last night, Les Autorités Suisses issued waiting reporters with a copy of a sketch which, with the help of Swiss police artist - Bonap-Artiste Policier - Ms Greshon had managed to coax from the hypnotised woman during a 5 hour session with a pad, a number of Cumberland Lakeland Coloured Pencils and [as an edible comfort blanket] a generous handful of top-quality Dorset tree-Spanish.

CLOSUE UP: COuld this be Professor Thrupiece in 2005 and if so is he swimming, drowning or just "dumped".

Readers will decide for themselves whether the resulting "likeness" is likely to advance inquiries in to the Professor's disappearance. An RDC spokesperson said only that whilst they were hoping for the best, they were fearing the worst. "The trouble with any evidence solicited through forensic hypno- psychotherapy is that the results can be unreliable. Really it's a case of one nut-job communing with another and sometimes they just feed off themselves. Still its quite a nice drawing and if the investigation comes to nothing it would look decent on a plain wall. I might well consider bidding at the end of the year evidence sale".

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