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Shifting Blame

Hopes raised yesterday for an immediate reinstatement of the blog were dashed today when no blog appeared on the organisation's website. Rumours said to be coming from the organisation's Great Heaving HQ suggest that the blog will not be appearing at anytime today - or perhaps for several days - due to a shortage of illustrative materials resulting from the ongoing CONTRIK-69 crisis.

Rumours suggest a lack of appropriate illustrative images lies behind the peculiar and otherwise unexplained absence of the blog

Responsibility for sourcing illustrative materials was devolved last year to the design company founded by Charles and Maurice MacPro in what many industry insiders called "a bold and potentially risky move". It would now seem that such fears will well-founded as the notoriously flaky design company has yet again failed to deliver. "Outsourcing is always a bold and potentially risky move", says industry insider Justin Time, "since the outsourcer cedes control to the outsourcee". "On the other hand, post-outsourcing, the consequences of failing to procure the desired outsourced product or service fall directly on the outsourcee and only have knock-on consequences on the outsourcer who, though they may suffer in consequence [ functionally, financially and reputationally] avoid direct ignominy [and to a degree responsibility] other than by association. Deflecting "blame" in this way can be a useful and credibility-saving device. So it's a balance really - and one best left to those who are properly equipped to do a full cost-benefit analysis".

In the absence of appropriate ilustrative images, some experts recommend the use of placeholder images such as the one above.

Meanwhile, staff responsible for the blog have learned that staff responsible for the blog have been told by a responsible staff member of the blog pre- and post-production team to prepare to report for work at some unspecified time in the future. Readers can rest assured that as soon as the blog has definitive news regarding the return of the blog, blog readers will be the first to hear of it - possibly via the blog.

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