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The Thrupalorian

In what is being described as the biggest TV series ever to hit the small screens, Threadny, the company which successfully bid for the struggling Swyre Wars franchise, has launched The Thrupalorian - a six-part made for TV epic.

This month's Dorset Film Monthly has embraced television for the first time in its distinguished history. It is a mark, its editor says, of the importance they attach to The Thrupalorian.

"We've never seen its like", screamed The Sydling St Nicholas Sun; "Unprecedented" opined The Hilton Parva Post; whilst, eschewing its normal policy of ignoring television altogether, Dorset Film Monthly has given the series a 5* rating and encouraged six of its best contributors to rise to their most effulgent purple-passage prose in celebration olf the "event of the decade". "Eschewing our normal policy of ignoring television altogether", this month's editorial reads, "we have made an exception in the case of The Thrupalorian - possibly the most exciting thing to happen in television since Benny spilt a drink all over Miss Diane in Crossroads". "An old-fashioned Western in space garb", The Mappowder Mirror's television critic Harry Zontalholde suggests, before describing the series as "The breakthrough we have been waiting for ever since Opportunity Knocks hit the rails"... "as the charismatic bounty-hunter Thrupalorian takes to the digital air-waves, this could be even bigger than Eldorado*"

*Surely a mis-remembrance. Eldorado was a soap opera based on the experience of a series of remarkably dislikeable ex-pats in Spain. It was not a success within the parameters of the normally accepted meaning of the term.

The Thrupalorian approaches accompanied by a Throrg. From Episode 1 of Threadny's The Thrupalorian.

Since taking over the Swyre Wars franchise, Threadny [a division of thrupiecefilm has been eager to recoup its investment and sees television ["the new radio"] as the most likely vehicle through which to do it. Speaking for the production company The Lupus Company, CEO Mrs Amanda J Threadbone described The Thrupalorian as "possibly our best way of minting money since we added the mystery ingredient to Hornimint After-dinner Mints - and that was a swell day in several senses of the word."

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