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The Threadbone Press is pleased to announce further releases in its Threadbone "How We Used To Live" Classics Series. Having already published two volumes by prolific antiquarian and amateur historian Les Thantwomeeters, the Press has commissioned a further twelve titles from the author all of which will be completed by 20th May 2020 and published shortly thereafter.

In a statement today, Press supremo Mrs Amanda J Threadbone said that she had every confidence that "with a little of his famed and characteristic effort and possibly burning the candle at three ends" Mr Thantwomeeters could deliver the required manuscripts on schedule. She added that she had intervened personally with the author and asked him to make the forthcoming titles more "present crisis relevant" by writing about the world as it is now, squaring this with the "How We Used To Live" brief by noting

that by the time the books are published [week beginning May 25th] how we live then will differ to some degree compared to how we are living now [ie at the time of the books' writing]. "Obviously, the more quickly we issue them and the less time elapses between their writing and publication, the more "then" will resemble "now" and the less difference there will be [π=3.14159 in all circumstances]. However, we are confident that there will be observable differences between the two dates [by May 25th we may even be able to stray up to two yards from our front door and shout to a neighbour at 50 yards without being arrested by an RDC Officer "only doing his duty] so the use of the "How We Used To Live" strapline remains wholly valid".




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