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Thrupiece Interactive: Learning In The Digital Age

From the creators of Thrupiece World - the wonderland of child education and science teaching where learning is fun and fun is learning - comes a new venture - thrupieceinteractive - an innovative learning platform especially devised and designed for the digital age.

Based on the latest educational theories as well as mass observation of the learning process at work amongst both the able- and feeble-minded, thrupieceinteractive is "destination central" for all those eager to acquire the skills essential to survival in the digital age. Involving the input of over 6 professionals [7] and after many weeks in development, this fully-approved, fully-integrated and Dorset Eduction benchmarked project is now available on a subscription basis via the worldwide interweb.

The sign that tells you: You too can sign up to membership of the digital world

Free time-limited trials are available to those registering their banking/credit card details. So, at no risk [other than financial], interested parties can sample for themselves the delights and benefits of this one-size-fits-nobody-properly educational programme especially conceived to meet the needs of digital learners from ages 3 to 100.

Backed by a Threadbone Corporation "satisfaction or your money confiscated" guarantee, you will be glad you chose thrupieceinteractive as your passport through the digital gateway© to the land of useful knowledge.

NB One free trial pass per family. New customers only.

Free Pass HERE
Visit the website HERE
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