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What We Do #128

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Being an occasional series in which, in the pursuit of transparency, we ask leading Dorset FTSE 100 companies to explain their raison d'etre and modus operandi and tell us, in the simplest terms, exactly what they do!

#128 Ibberton Customer Research and Programming Technologies [iCRAPTech] Ltd.

For a company such as iCRAPTech Ltd, clearly set-out objectives and well-explained strategies are the "be all and end all"

Head of Communications Claire Azmudde writes:

Ibberton Customer Research and Programming Technologies [aka iCRAPTech] is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, diversity compliant, socially responsible and future-facing innovations enterprise which seeks to optimise individual performance and collective synergistics by maximising work-based opportunities through open and transparent dialogue, people-based initiatives, goal-oriented technical innovation and the exploration of holistic, value-centred, client-facing, dynamically-iterative decision-making processes.

Tried and tested multi-factor analytical architectures capable of handing simultaneously complex multi-vector parameters underpin our engagement with and pursuit of strategically well-calibrated systemic solutions to specific problem-centred situations, utilising state-of-the-art customisation and rigorous but context-sensitive, flexible methodologies. We have a proven track record of responsibility and success in providing positive, data-led, situation-contingent, outcomes; as well as partner-focused logistical delivery through the deployment of proven, excellence-defining, industry-leading, award-winning, problem-solving templates organically engineered to calibrate, refinine and re-purpose native resources prior to the identification, customisation and integrated/intallation of well-configured system-wide and situation-appropriate out-sourced complementary inventories.

For further explanation and "unpacking" of our work and the impact it could have on your organisation please contact our Communications Team at

iCRAPTech is a Business Solutions Company, wholly owned and operated by The Threadbone Corporation, Great Heaving.

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